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Meet jess

Serving the area for over 20 years.


Jessica Royle

After spending years searching for a career I could see myself in,  rejections from a career I thought I wanted, I stumbled upon a passion I never knew I had for nails and beauty.

How I feel about the treatments I provide is about a passion I have for giving someone something to make them feel good about themselves. If I need to take that bit longer to perfect my work, I know that my main focus is ensuring my clients happiness.

I have the desire to help people see the best side of themselves and as I improve the bond between myself and my client, I reap the reward in doing so. 

The purpose of our beauty treatments are about the connection you gain with someone when you can understand their needs, the desire to be pampered and their joy to treat themselves.

Striving to be the best at what I do is my motivation, enabling me to continue growing as a nail techician, beautician and microblading specialist. I shall continue my learning, reaching skill and knowledge levels in which to advance even further and pass this on through teaching others.

In this industry we continue to bring our clients more rewarding treatments and new techniques to enhance our performance. I'm always looking forward to the next exciting new part of the industry that I can learn, perfect and bring to my clients.

What our Clients are saying..

Extremely pleased with my eyebrows but to have other people compliment them is even better! Thanks Jess see you again!

Becky O'Brien - Client since July 2016